Sight Effects

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All Green Smoothies fans or wannabes out there, read this carefully before proceeding to consume that very first Green Smoothie in your life. All the following effects are real changes reported by live subjects from all over the world, from all ages and all races.

You have been forewarned!

1) An obvious and sustainable drop in excess weight – beginning with stubborn fats. Subjects have been known to drop cellulite which were stuck on thighs for years.

2) A sudden increase in hair volume – many people noticed their manes getting thicker and thicker each day as they wake up. If you love baldness, stay away!

3) A substantial increase in energy and stamina – not to be trifled with! People have reported being able to perform physical tasks which makes them breathless or tired previously.

4) Various studies conducted on people of different ethnic origins and ages, revealed that healing is intensified and accelerated. Those days of aches and pains suddenly vanished, and subjects were baffled at how amazing they felt.

5) A sudden improvement in elimination and detoxification. 100% of subjects reported increased bowel movements, less gas and less indigestion issues. For those who love to feel constipated, run as far as you can!

6) Substantial rejuvenation and skin tone improvements within days!! Those who are not in favor of looking young, radiant and fresh, do not so much as look at a Green Smoothie!

7) Mental clarity and awareness grew to unprecedented levels. Subjects reported having a deep sense of emotional stability and peace; and that’s not all – these feelings are actually sustainable and do not have any down-kicks. Serious!

8) Subjects became happy cheerful people miraculously. Optimism shows up often! When mingling with a group of people who drank Green Smoothies consistently, smiles and laughter will dominate more than 50% of the interaction!! Do not take this lightly, for it has been tested and proven countless times with people of all ages.

9) It is an extremely addictive substance – because of its tantalizing fragrance, delicious tastes and sensational texture. Known to cause cravings for superior fresh living vegan foods within weeks!!

10) Puts the drinker IMMEDIATELY into a favorable PH state in which real healing and rejuvenation of body cells occur. Experiments have been conducted with litmus paper.

If you are averse, afraid or resistant to any of the effects mentioned, you know what to do.

We are very serious; do not think we are kidding even for a moment. You have been forewarned, so proceed at your own responsibility!

Light Love Laughter 🙂
© Copyright 2008-2010, Linda Loo

LINS’ Smoodees™
“LINS Smoodees™ are made with filtered Alkaline Water and Fresh Living Organic Greens!”

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  1. To experience any of the above sight effects, it is recommended to take green smoothie continuously for at least 2 weeks to a month.


  2. .`* I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information *'”


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