Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Your green smoothies sounds interesting and looks yummy! But how do they taste like?

A:  LINS green smoodees are Lovingly Infused with Nature’s Sweetness through a careful mix of nutritional fruits and herbs to balance the taste of wholesome organic greens. Some describe it as refreshing, others find it tantalising and all thinks it is delicious! From time to time, we will  organise Preview and Tasting Sessions to introduce green smoothies and its benefits. Subscribe to our mailing list to be kept informed of upcoming events.

Q: What ingredients do you use for the respective Green Smoodee Packages?

A: Each weekday our kitchen selects the best fresh produce of the day and rotates the selection of greens and fruits to ensure that you have a variety of nutrients in your diet. As daily green smoodee drinkers ourselves, we will handpick the same selection of greens, fruits and herbs that we would consume ourselves.

Q: Do you deliver island-wide?

A: At the moment, LINS’ Smoodees™ will deliver to the areas listed below. However, should we be able to have a smoodee pool of at least 3 orders and above, we can look into making it possible for delivery to that particular area!

  • East
    • Kew neighbourhood/village
    • Limau and Siglap estates
    • Simei
    • Tampines
  • Central
    • Bras Basah
    • City Hall
    • Orchard Road
    • Raffles Place
    • Shenton Way
    • Suntec City
    • Bukit Timah (new!)

Q: Once I sign up for a package, can I put my orders on hold if I’m out of town?

A: Sure! Please give us 3 days advance notice for the number of weekdays on hold, limited to one “hold” per month. An administrative fee of $3 will be applicable per weekday on the second hold in a month.

“hold” refers to the duration of smoodees on hold at one given stretch of time.

Q: I notice that new packages begin on Mondays. Is there any chance I could start off on a different date?

A: Sure! Kindly note however that there will be a one-time administrative fee of $3 per package unless otherwise indicated.

Q: Will I get a sugar rush from the fruits?

A: With the fibre from the greens, the fruit sugars are absorbed more slowly creating a time releasing effect. Hence you will not get a blood sugar rush you may get as compared to pure fruits or fruit juices.

Q: Can I replace my meal with your smoodees?

A: Depending on how much energy you expend, 1 litre (two 500ml bottles) could replace your breakfast. As a person’s appetite is often unique to the individual at the given point of time, knowing how much to consume is a self-discovery process. Try it out and see how your body responds.

Q: When do I consume green smoothies?

A: Green smoothies are best consumed first thing in the morning and always before a meal if taking as a supplement. Of course, there’s no stopping you from drinking it at anytime of the day!

Q: Can I see detoxification results in 2 weeks?

A: The 3 introductory packages offered here are basic “facial” or “manicure” for your inner self. Some may be more sensitive than others and could see faster results. However, it is meant to be gradual and not sudden. If your goal is to achieve targeted detoxification and weight loss, contact us and we will link you up with one of our partner nutritionists who can work with you to get the best out of our service.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jay on December 1, 2010 at 11:50 AM


    I am really looking forward to signing up for teh package. I am interested for the purpose of detox and hence kick starting my weight loss program. I am trying to lose my post natal weight given. Would you be able to advise how I coudl use your products to assist me in this regard please?


  2. Dear Jay,

    Drinking our green smoodees will aid with the absorption of water retention as well as provide your body with the much needed nutrients that gets depleted as a result of childbirth.

    We’d be happy to link you up with one of our partner nutritionist for a personal consultation.

    Here is the link for full information: http://www.balancedlivingasia.com/appointments.htm


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