My first blog entry :)

To whom may be reading my post, other than my usual announcements and articles and “info blog”, today marks my very first entry in true blue blog fashion.

Since the start of my pet project, LINS Smoodees on 31st May 2010 where we began our first deliveries, it has been an amazing journey and experience to have touched the lives of my loved ones, and their loved ones (power to the Word of Mouth), and made a difference (however small or significant) in their lives.

It is witnessing the benefits and the “addiction” by my smoodears¹ that drives me, inspires me, to do more. But to do more how, what, when, where, who? Such questions are unavoidable when you have loved ones close to you who only have good intentions for you. That is, “we want to see you succeed!”, “so you don’t fail!”.

Interestingly though, for those of you who know my “past life” as an evangelist of SMU’s Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, one is taught to fail and it is common to experience failure! (will write more on this topic in my next post)

Sitting here at my recent fav joint, Forty Hands, sipping my latte and bitter chocolate tart *YUM!*, I’ve come to fully appreciate the phrase “Stop and smell the roses” (in this case freshly brewed fair trade COFFEE beans!). Something which I have not really been able to do in Singapore, until now.

Resigning from my past life has been a Turning Point decision and I have not looked back since.

Thank you for joining me as I charge forward on my green smoodee adventure to help one and all heal through the sense of taste.

On now to finishing up the alpha version of The Healing Concierge, look out for it coming soon! Akan datang!

¹I call my smoodee drinkers “smoodears”. 😉


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