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Welcome to LINS Smoodees™!

Welcome to LINS Smoodees™

Congratulations on taking your first step onto natural detoxification and self-rejuvenation!

We welcome you to join us on this  Green Smoothie Adventure, starting right here in Singapore!

What is a Green Smoothie?

A green smoothie is a blended drink made from whole fruit and fresh living organic greens. With the right proportions of ingredients, a smoothie provides incredible nourishment, jump-starts detoxification, and enhances self-rejuvenation.

Why Impeccable Nourishment from Fresh Superior Nutrients:

  1. Made with only the freshest living ingredients, all enzymes, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients are preserved and maintained. These superior nutrients are just exactly what your body needs – and all in their most natural, unadulterated forms
  2. By breaking down the foods in a quality blender (using the shortest time to break down the smoothie), the living foods are “pre-digested”, and so when you consume them, the super nourishment is transported to each and every of your cells, assimilated and absorbed effortlessly!

How does it aid Detoxification?

  1. A green smoothie is a complete food in itself. It contains simple sugars which all humans need for energy, both micro and macro nutrients, water and fiber! In order for effective detoxification to occur, water and fiber are the main requirements to remove accumulated toxins. And nutrients are necessary at the same time to fuel the energy for detoxification so that these toxins can be transported out of the body safely.
  2. A properly concocted green smoothie has the wonderful effect of diminishing food cravings – especially cravings for the unhealthiest stuff. Why? The reason is because once the body cells receive top quality nutrition and are well fed, the brain does not send any more mad signals! So, it’s a 2-in-1 effect: Eliminate toxins so you get the old junk out, plus reduce consumption of junk foods naturally. Voila!

What is Self-Rejuvenation?

Yes indeed the body can heal. Your body can HEAL! And we are here to facilitate the process.

As a person detoxifies while receiving superior nutrition, the inherent self-rejuvenation process starts to awaken. This ability is already inherent in you; in other words you do not have to do anything to “obtain” it.

You already have it. All you have to do is first to be aware that you have it, and then make choices to allow it to work.

Green smoothies contain organic fresh living greens – which are made of chlorophyll. If you have studied Science before, you may remember that this is the single only substance on Earth which can make food from sunlight. In the day time when there is light, it gives out oxygen – which is vital to man’s survival. By consuming greens in a blended form, we are drinking in liquefied sunlight, and shooting large doses of oxygen into the body, all in their purest forms!

Here at LINS Smoodees™, we are committed to bring you yummy and fresh Green Smoothies – best suited for your tastes. Every LINS Smoodee™ recipe is made with care, love and one intention – to aid you on your path to self-recovery!

It is everyone’s birth right to feel well and be healthy, and every food/drink we consume is fundamental to making or breaking it.

Health and wellness is a choice. Make a choice today to resume responsibility for your own health!

Read on and join LINS Smoodees™ on an awesome Green Smoothie Adventure!

LINS’ Smoodees™
“LINS Smoodees™ are made with Filtered Alkaline Water and Fresh Living Organic Greens!”